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Comarch Accounts Payable Automation can automate your invoice workflows from end-to-end or fill in the gaps as a modular solution


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Touchless invoice processing with advanced AI functionalities and state-of-the-art OCR technology


With legal compliance in over 60 countries, seamlessly integrate with all of your existing systems in almost any format including Paper, PDF and e-Invoice


Increase the efficiency of your team while reducing costs and improving your relationships with business partners 



High processing costs, tedious manual data entry and lost or fraudulent invoices are a thing of the past. Powered by proprietary AI and ML, Comarch’s invoice automation system is constantly evolving and gives you full visibility and control over the entire AP process. It uses the past to automate the present and better prepare you for the future. The new and improved system facilitates the seamless and legally compliant transfer and processing of invoices to any business partner, no matter where they are in the world.

Accounts payable software designed to make your life easier

  • Automate the entire AP process with a system capable of intelligent data capture and workflow automation that decreases overall processing costs
  • Decrease end-to-end cycle time so you can take advantage of early payment discounts and increase available working capital
  • Streamline AP workflows to reduce the risk of fraud and reduce data entry errors and the time associated with making corrections 
  • Add additional modules with ease with increased time to value in mind, the modular system allows you to leverage additional functionalities as your business grows

Transform your invoice workflow

  • Reduce manual touches so your organization can utilize its resources for more high-value tasks
  • Access complete end-to-end insights so you -- and your partners -- have full visibility on the status of invoices every step of the way
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, including all widely-used accounting software systems
  • Correct invoice errors with ease and avoid any slowdown in the payment flow
Transform your invoice workflow

AI-Driven AP Processing that Knows What It’s Doing

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